Junk Removal Northern Colorado

Looking around your home or garage, you might find that you have a bunch of stuff. Maybe it is clutter that keeps you from using your garage effectively. Perhaps you can’t even use an extra room because you have unused items in there. What would happen if you called a junk removal company? You would have more space and more freedom. Although you recognize you need to de-clutter and that it would bring many benefits, how do you get started?


Junk Removal Northern Colorado

Go Through Your Home

First, let’s get this out of the way. If it is sitting in a pile in the garage or in the corner of an unused room, and it’s collecting dust, it is most likely junk. Something that is not worthwhile to you. And if it is something worthwhile to you, it would be best to organize it and put it away for safekeeping. So yeah, if it is a pile of junk, it is time to remove it.

Letting go of your items for junk removal doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to ask yourself some questions for each item and set some boundaries with yourself. First, let’s talk about the questions to ask yourself about each item you are considering for junk removal.

  • Junk Removal Northern ColoradoHave I used this item in the past year?
  • WIll I use this item in the next year?
  • How certain am I that I will use this item in the distant future?
  • Is this item sentimental to me?

The first two questions are to help you determine if an item is something worthwhile to you at the present moment in your life. Reflecting on how much you have used an item in the recent past will help you determine if you will continue using it in the near future. Humans are creatures of habit, so if you are using something in the recent past you are pretty likely to use it again in the near future. Perhaps you just need to find a better place to store it so it can be something worthwhile to you more often.

Be Honest With Yourself

Being real with yourself about the potential future usefulness of an item to you is a tricky one. Especially if you have not actually used the item in the past year. And especially for people who love to collect items to make future projects. It requires you to get a fair sense about what projects or hobbies you can actually accomplish in the near future. Think about your work demands, family demands, and socializing needs. Where does your need to have a hobby or project fit in with all the other thing you do with your time? How much time can you devote to your hobby and what can be accomplished in that time?

If your item won’t be useful to you in the near future, then there may be other reasons to keep it out of the pile for junk removal. One reason may be that the item will be useful in the far future. Another reason may be that the item is sentimental. These kinds of items will be discussed in the next two blog posts about junk removal.