Junk Removal Northern Colorado

When you’re cleaning out your Northern Colorado home, deciding what items to keep and what to get rid of can feel overwhelming. You may feel lost on where to start. In my last blog post I discussed a starting point in deciding which items will be worthwhile to you in the near future (within one year). As you are sorting through your items for junk removal, you might feel like you want to keep something because it will be valuable to you in the distant future (over a year from now).

Junk Removal Northern Colorado

First, you want to be honest with yourself about how likely you are to use the item you are considering to let go to a junk removal service like Dirty Deeds.

  • What will be different about my life when I actually use this thing?
  • How committed am I to making the changes in my life that will bring about a good time to use the item I am considering to keep around for a long time?

If it is likely that there will be a time that you will really use the item, then you can ask yourself a few more questions to decide if it is worthwhile to keep around.

  • Junk Removal Northern ColoradoIf I let go of this item now and need/want it later, what will be the replacement cost?
  • How hard will it be to obtain this item when I need it?
  • If I hang on to this item for a number of years, what is the cost of storing it and/or moving it?

What Stays and What Goes?

Let’s take a look at a couple examples of items that may be under consideration for junk removal but may also be useful in the distant future. One example of things that could be useful to you in the distant future is baby items. There may be a time you decide or nature decides it is time to bring another little bundle of joy into your life. Another example is project or hobby items. Maybe you don’t have time right now to take pictures of birds in the wild but you could have time someday.

Baby clothes have a moderate to low replacement cost depending on how many clothes you want and what brands or condition the clothes are. It is hard to go shopping with a newborn and an older child. Storing or moving a few bags of tiny clothes costs next to nothing. In most cases, it is worth it to hang onto the baby clothes for younger siblings rather than to remove them as junk.

A nice camera probably has a high replacement cost and the model you have may be unobtainable in the distant future as technology changes. Perhaps you feel comfortable with the camera you have and so it will be important for you to use this specific model. It would not cost much to store or move a camera. Keeping the camera rather than letting it go for junk removal seems to be the better option.

Having a decision framework while you are sorting through things decreases your feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed. You feel confident in your choices for getting rid of certain items and your choice for things to keep around that may be useful in the near and distant future. In the third blog post in the series on junk removal and how to let go, I will discuss sentimental items under consideration for junk removal.

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