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In the previous two blog posts on the series on junk removal (Keeping Items Useful To You For The Near Future and Keeping Items Useful To You For The Far Future), I discussed the usefulness of items and provided a decision framework for getting rid of and keeping items that have potential use. There is another category of items that may be under consideration for junk removal: sentimental items. Sentimental items can span the spectrum in size from jewelry to an automobile or boat, but they all have a special place in your heart. That’s what makes them so hard to downsize. Removing unwanted items is easy because you don’t want them. What if you have an emotional attachment to items? How do you go about deciding what to get rid of? Deciding what sentimental items to keep and what items will be removed is the topic of this post.

The bottom line when it comes to paring down your sentimental items is setting limits with yourself. Only you can decide what those limits are. I will make some suggestions and give some guiding principles, but ultimately it is up to you to decide what limit you set and what items will be let go to junk removal.

Junk Removal Northern Colorado

Setting Limits

  • Set limits by only keep one or two exemplars of each type of sentimental items you have.

This strategy is helpful when you have a collection of items. You can keep one or a few items and have the rest taken away by a junk removal service.

  • Set limits on the amount of space you allocate for your sentimental items.

The limit could be a folder, a shoebox, a tote, a closet, or a room. It depends on how much room you have to work with and how much you want to pay for storing your sentimental items. If you rent a smaller apartment or house, would it be cheaper to go down to the essentials? If you own your home, maybe keeping some things around works for you. You will also want to consider how settled you will you be in the future. How much will it cost to move the sentimental items? Whatever you don’t have room for can be taken by a junk removal service.

  • Set limits by keeping only what will be valuable to someone else after you pass on.

I know it may seem to be an awkward conversation and one not many people think to have. But ask people what they would want to keep when you pass on; otherwise, they will just sell it or throw it in the trash if it has no value to them.

Creative Alternatives

  1. Take pictures of items before getting rid of them.

In the digital age, hundreds or thousands of pictures can be stored on something as small as a thumb drive. Grandma wouldn’t want you to be burdened by her bulldog collection, but taking a picture before you get rid of them is completely OK in her book. She was just having some fun while she was collecting them.

  1. Make something creative.

Reclaimed items turned into art is a very popular hobby currently. Maybe there is an artist you know who you could hire to turn your part of your sentimental item into a piece of art. Old pieces of clothing can be made into a quilt or part of a car or building might be turned into art.

Junk Removal Northern Colorado

No one knows except for you what has an important emotional connection. It’s OK to take your time deciding what to keep and what to have a junk removal service take away. The important thing is that you are comfortable with the final decision. When you have made the final decisions, Dirty Deeds wants to make the rest of the process as easy as possible. Serving the Northern Colorado area, give us a call for a quote today.