Let Us Do Your Moving Work

When you do a household move with us, it will be such a relief. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We deal with the truck and equipment so you don’t have to. We offer three types of local moving services in order to meet customers’ differing needs. We can also customize our services more to meet your specific needs.


Our moving company does the job you hired us to do. Nothing more and nothing less. Most customers request one of the following types of moves. If there is something else you need, let us know and we can work with you.

  • Pack and Move: We pack your items into boxes and move your furniture and boxes.
  • Furniture and Boxes: We move your items and boxes. You pack the boxes prior to the movers’ arrival.
  • Furniture Only: We move your furniture. You pack everything and move your boxes.


You have been planning your move for weeks now. There are so many details! How do you pack? What do you get rid of? Don’t forget to tell everyone your new address. With all these details and more, wouldn’t it be nice to save your energy and have us do the lifting for you? Imagine carrying your heavy stuff up and down stairs and through doorways. Those tight fits get really tricky! Now think of simply telling our furniture movers where to put your items. Ahhhhhh…you are already breathing a sigh of relief.


Let us take care of the details of the truck for you. You won’t have to worry about driving a big truck. You won’t have to hassle with picking up a truck early in the morning and returning it at the end of a long day of moving. We have got you covered with the truck we bring. Our movers expertly load your items into our truck. They know how to pack securely and efficiently. The entire crew packs the truck because they bring pieces that will fill in the holes. The packer builds walls with the pieces they bring. This method lets us pack a lot more into a truck than the average bear and the tight fit keeps things secure.


Our movers bring trucks decked out with moving equipment.

  • We can move your piano, appliances, and other extra-large items with our dollies.
  • We can disassemble and assemble your furniture with our tools.
  • Moving blankets pad your items.
  • Shrink wrap keeps the pads in place.
  • Runners and door jamb covers protect your home.
  • Straps secure the load.

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, but couldn’t rent all the equipment because truck rental places simply don’t carry it, our moving company has you covered. We don’t skimp when it comes to protecting your stuff. Equipment is included with our hourly charge. It takes a little time to roll out the runners and wrap your pieces, but don’t you think the protection is worth it? We want to save everyone the hassle of dealing with damaged belongings.