When it comes time to move furniture around your house, you want to make sure you do it safely without scratching hardwood floors. You might have just moved into a new home and you are putting the final touches on the arrangement of furniture. It could be time to remodel and so you will move furniture out of the way for new floors. Perhaps it is time to redecorate so moving furniture around the house will allow you to repurpose the rooms in your home.  No matter the reason for moving the furniture, it’s vital to make sure it is done correctly so that damage to the floor, walls, and furniture (not to mention your back!) are prevented.

Sliding furniture across hardwoods might bring screeches and creaks to your ears and put panic in your heart. Lifting seems the only way to protect the floor. How about putting something in between the floor and furniture that will give it some cushion and minimize the friction? A thick blanket will work to make a soft sled to pull the piece of furniture across the hardwood.

When trying to move a low and wide piece of furniture, like a dresser, putting it on the side allows it to be tall and thin. When it’s tall and thin, a dresser can make it through tight turns in the hallways of your home.

Jeremy Richardson, the owner of Dirty Deeds, shows you how to move a dresser on hardwood floors and through tight turns.