Help yourself and the environment! You can reduce the cost of your move and save time by using our free, gently used moving box library. When you’re looking for a moving company in Northern Colorado, why should you have to sacrifice your green values?

Do your move the eco-friendly way

Taking care of the earth is a noble and worthy goal. The people at Dirty Deeds Moving care about the environment and want to do something that helps you and the earth at the same time. That’s why we came up with the concept of a gently used moving box library! One of our moving services is collecting boxes at our site and loaning them to our local moving customers instead of throwing them away or recycling them immediately.

Moving boxes have a life expectancy of at least three moves. Sometimes they last several local moves around the Fort Collins and Loveland areas. We recycle them when the boxes have too much wear and tear to be useful anymore.

Just like a public library of books, we loan moving boxes to you for a certain period of time for your move. You’ll have the boxes for up to 30 days prior to your move date booked with us and up to 30 days after. If you keep a library book, you buy it; this is the exact same policy with the Dirty Deeds gently used moving box library. If you keep any moving boxes, you pay for the individual boxes you keep. When you give the boxes back to us, they are free! We then make them available for reuse for other local moves.

Save money with free professional-grade boxes

Our gently used moving box library will save you money. The first way that it can save you money is if you planned to buy professional-grade moving boxes from a big box store. You can use our moving box library instead. As long as you return all the boxes, it is absolutely free! If you need to keep any, you pay a low, used box rate for each one you keep.

Not only are we offering free use of our moving box library, but we also offer free delivery to Fort Collins and Loveland. The free delivery will save you time because now you won’t need to run around to a big box store to buy your moving boxes or run around collecting free boxes from grocery and liquor stores.

The last way that our free professional-grade moving boxes can save you money is through saving you time because you won’t be moving with odd-sized shipping boxes. The less time it takes to do your move, the less money it will cost you. Shipping boxes are not easily stackable on a moving dolly. They are not uniform sizes and shapes like professional grade moving boxes are. Our packers and movers can stack the boxes on dollies and roll them out of your home quickly. Then when professional-grade moving boxes are put on the truck, they are easily stackable and take up less room. Ultimately, this could make the difference between using one truck or two trucks. Again, this will save time and money if we can use the least amount of truck possible for your move by packing everything in nice and tight.

Please get in touch today for a free estimate for your move and details about our free moving box library. We’re an affordable moving company in Northern Colorado that will help you do your move quickly and safely — and even in a way that’s good for the environment.