When you arrange furniture in your house, it is possible to move a recliner into any room you want. Imagine the possibilities. A comfy recliner in the nursery helps you relax as you rock baby to sleep. A bedroom turned into an office could become a comfy reading nook. Now that we spend more time at home due to social distancing, it’s very important to make your house a sanctuary that supports your best life.


The problem with moving a recliner into a bedroom is the door is too small. Most recliners are 32 to 38 inches wide. Bedroom doors are 24 to 32 inches wide. When you disassemble the recliner into two parts, the height of a recliner seat is only 18 to 22 inches. After you rotate the he bottom part 90 degrees, it is small enough to fit through the door.

Please click here to watch the video as Jeremy Richardson, owner of Dirty Deeds demonstrates how to disassemble a recliner.

I hope this tip has opened up new possibilities of how to arrange the furniture at your home so that you can relax in a comfy recliner anywhere you like.

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