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Packing your boxes for your move is probably a task that you are not looking forward to.  Making and sticking to a plan will help packing go smoothly and hopefully decrease some of your stress about it. A dash of dry humor couldn’t hurt either. So grab a packing partner or two to crack your own jokes with or just re-read this little how-to if you are going at it alone. I am there in spirit. So here are some planning strategies for packing your boxes yourself in preparation for your moving day. If you need help when it comes time actually moving the boxes, call our moving company.

1. Estimate The Number of Boxes

  • Plan for one box per small to medium shelf and small to medium cabinet door.
  • Plan for two boxes per large shelf or large cabinet door.
  • Plan one box for two drawers.

Keep in mind that some desk drawers and dresser drawers do not need to be packed into boxes.

When using a professional moving company for a local move, lightweight, non-breakable items may be left in the dresser and desk drawers. Pack these drawers so little shifting occurs. You may put crushed up packing paper to prevent shifting of items in drawers.

Moving Company

Back to counting…

  1. A)   Count the number of small to medium shelves and small to medium cabinet doors.
  2. B)   Count the number of large shelves and large cabinet doors and multiply that by two.
  3. C)   Count the number of drawers except the ones that do not need to be packed and divide by two.

Add the three numbers you got in steps A, B, and C. That is the total estimated number of boxes to pack. Doesn’t this feel like doing taxes yourself?

Say an incomprehensible rant like Yosemite Sam. Vow to save up enough to pay your movers to pack up for you next time. Grab an adult beverage or relaxing herbal tea (whatever your style). Pull up your big person britches and move on to step two at least a week before your move.

Moving Company2. Estimate time to pack

  1. A)   If you are sorting or reminiscing, plan 30 minutes a box.
  2. B)   If you are speed packing, 15 minutes a box.
  3. C)   If your moving company is there right now, just throw it in a box, five minutes a box.

Pick your packing rate from A, B, and C and multiply the rate by the number of boxes in step 1. Divide by 60 because there are 60 minutes in one hour. Round up. No matter what number you get. Round up to the next whole number. Packing almost always takes longer than you think. Divide that number by the number of helpers. Unless it is like the group projects at school. Then the number of helpers won’t matter because one person will be doing all of the work.

3. Gather Supplies

It is tempting to grab a bunch of different sized boxes from stores when moving because of the cost savings and re-using the boxes helps the environment. However, the different sized boxes makes moving go more slowly because they are not very easy to stack and move quickly.

Sticking to the types of moving boxes listed below cuts down on your move time and therefore your move cost because the movers are able to stack and easily move these types of boxes. Dirty Deeds offers free use of our gently used box library for local moves so you can enjoy cost savings and re-use boxes to help save our environment.


Small box (1.5 cubic feet) Books, Media, Super Fragile
Medium Box (3 cubic feet) General, Fragile
Large Box (4.5 or 6 cubic feet) Linens
Dishpack (5.2 cubic feet) Kitchen
Packing Paper Kitchen, Fragile

Seal and Label

4. Prioritize Packing Tasks

First, pack the items you use the least. Some ideas: storage areas, garage, linen closets, books, CDs, fragile items

Next, separate the items you will need to use during the few days before the move and the few days after, such as medicine, toilet paper, soap, a few changes of clothes, coffee, a few bath and kitchen towels, some kitchen utensils.

Last, pack everything else

As needed, call Dirty Deeds by 5 pm on any business day to have one packer come out for some last minute, unplanned packing help the next business day. No one wants to try to move when you aren’t ready.

Packing is one of the low points of moving but with a plan and some help, you will get this done and feel settled into your new place with fewer bumps in the road getting there. For professional help, call a moving company to do the dirty work for you.