Your piano is a beloved, sentimental, and valuable piece that you want to take extra care of when it comes time to move it. From spinets to concert grands, our piano movers have moved them all. Let us put our experience and professionalism to work when moving your piano. Some pianos are very heavy and could cause a lot of damage if mishandled by inexperienced movers. We want to protect your piano, your home, and our workers. We bring specialty piano moving equipment and take the time to wrap and pad it as well as secure it in our truck. Your piano can be moved just on its own or as a part of your regular household move.


There are many brands and models of upright pianos. You might have a spinet, console, studio, or full-size piano. There may be stairs or hauling involved. We can pick up in our local service areas of Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and their surrounding communities. We can drop off anywhere in Colorado. No matter what you type of upright you have, we have got this!


Although grand pianos vary in size, we always put our best and most experienced piano movers on them. Even a baby grand piano can be 500 pounds! The maneuver of tipping your grand piano sideways to remove and attach the legs is best done with movers who know what they are doing. We want to be safe and professional when it comes to moving your grand piano.

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