Five stars ain’t enough folks!

Jeremy and Dustin moved our stuff a few days ago. They first went to our storage and loaded the bulk of our furniture and 85 boxes… lots of books, records, and the wife’s rock collection. They were extremely careful with our belongings and wrapped things well for the short ten mile trip. They wrapper pieces of furnitue that I would have thrown in the back of the pick-up loose to move had I done it myself. Loading took a hour and a half and everything was strapped down and secured in the moving van.

Next they stopped at my sister’s house where we had been living to retrieve our king size bed set from the basement… that was quite a job as the stairwell was very cramped with tight corners. They also retrieved a few more boxes and bags of clothing. It snowed the night before so they unrolled canvas mats to protect the wood floors in my sister’s house.

Then they went to our new apartment and unloading took a couple of hours. Again they put the canvas matting down to protect the new wood floors here.

A terrific job and no damage to anything. They helped to reset the dining table on its legs and helped me to move the very heavy king mattress onto the bed frame. They came in under the estimate and we were so pleased that we paid the original estimate plus we bought lunch and gave a substantial tip….

Five stars ain’t enough folks!!!! Thanks Dirty Deeds will use them again!

John Gavin